Is breast cancer a topic close to your heart?

Do you feel the importance of motivating people to donate for more research? Let’s brainstorm together or tell us your idea!

Some examples can be as simple as;
  • Inform your people with your own story through whatsapp with breast cancer statistics and motivate to donate.
  • Organize a physical challenge, a several km walk for example, with a few friends, you all will find sponsors who will donate per kilometer! So much fun!
  • Organize your teambuilding day, with an activity that suits all your colleagues and raise funds. This will be a memorable day!
  • Are you an artist? Use your painting or sculpture for an auction and donate a part of your profit to us! A win-win for you, the buyer and us!
Some examples can be big!
  • Organise a team theme dinner in a restaurant with all your friends, organize free entertainment, fabulous food, a percentage of the entrance ticket will be donated.
  • Organise any event/hobby in your interest and donate a part.
  • Organise a sport event, look for sponsors and donate a part.
  • It is a bit sad, but ask the guests for a funeral to donate, instead of bringing flowers.We can provide you with our logo to create a banner or any marketing merchandise needed. Maybe we have some useful products in stock for you to use!(We aim to make no costs or costs in balance with the activity. After all, costs will be taken from the donation money which we want to avoid!)Be aware if you want to collect money on the streets and ring doors with a collecting-box, you need to arrange permission at your town hall.Placing a collecting-box during your own personal/company event, is allowed without permission.All funds raised can be donated to our account. Our company policy is in line with the requirements for ANBI-status. We are currently in process for applying this status with the Dutch Tax Authority.

We can provide you with a banner!

Do you need any help or do you wish to brainstorm on what is possible, feel free to contact us!